The Eagle Scout Alumni Association serves the San Diego-Imperial Council by promoting activities and programs that support the Trail to Eagle.  We encourage adult Eagle Scouts to continue to give back to the program at the unit, district and council level, and we have fun doing it!

By joining the ESAA you help us fund our annual activities, and by getting involved you help create quality programs for all Scouts.  Service is a key part of our mission, and we help our Council in many ways throughout the year.

We also host several gathering opportunities to network with adult Eagles from many occupations to share stories and best practices both for Scouting and our professional lives. HELP SPREAD THE WORD

If you know an adult Eagle Scout, point them to this page or print a copy of the membership form and informational brochure for them to read. Annual membership dues are still only $20, and a Life Membership is just $300.

Join and/or Pay Dues Online!

Use our online registration form and select annual dues or Life Membership. Fill in some information and submit. You can pay online or by mail.

Questions?  Please contact Traci Urabe at Boy Scout Service Center at 619-298-6121 x 236.


ESAA Life Members

Moto Asakawa (d)
James Atkins
Ian Beard
Arthur Blain
Hon. Jeff Bostwick
Charles Bowen
John Bruhn
Brian Catanzaro
Jack Cater
Russ Christensen
Cameron Coates
Dennis Coates
Don Countryman
Greg Deering
Dan Derbes
Donald Dickinson
Chuck Dowe
William Drevno
Robert Drew
Richard Drewery (d)
Jonathon Duckett
Kenneth Dunford
Fred Eckert
Vic Enchelmayer
Jerry Ennis
Aaron Marshall Ferguson (d)
Parker Ferguson
Jack Filanc (d)
Richard Fridell
Hugh Friedman (d)
Tavis Gardner
Ned Garrigues
Roman Greer
Randy Gibson
Spencer Grob
David Hamilton
Derek Hartley
Marvin Heinze
Michael Helm
Will Hicks
Thomas Holland
John Hollon
Paul Honeycutt
Michael Hornbake
Charles James
Michael Jasaitis
Frank Kebelman
Keith Kellog, II
John Kind
Philip Klauber
Randall Klotz
Sammy Knight
Nicholas Krikes, Jr.
Daniel Kronemyer
Dr. Ernest Latham
Theodore Leonard
Travis Lindsay
Jason Lithopoulos
Wallace Lockwood II
Jordan Lostritto
Michael J. LoVecchio
Tim Malaney
Alexander Maniscalco
William Martin
Dan Mazzella
Paul McNamara
Jenner Melcher
Charles Merdinger
Charles Merrow
Brian Miller
Jenner Mucher
Aurven Murrell
James Nickel
Andrew Olson, Jr.
Daniel Ontiveros
Ron O’Rouke
Robert Orphey
Maurice Osborn
Matthew Paredes
Lawrence Parkhurst
George Parsons
Dennis Pate
Milan Patel
Christopher Peugh
Michael Philbrook
Rulon Rose
Randolph Sandiford
Paul Schaeffer
John Schlitz
Tom Sekreta
Dick Shaw
Kevin Shaw
Karl Shelton
John Shotwell
Ross Simmons
Arthur Smith (d)
Charles A. Spitz
Thomas Stahl
James Stuemke
Corey Sullivan
Louis Suter
Mark Suycott
Tim Thomton
Roger Tubbesing
Mike Tulio
Chris Vaughan
Mark Watton
Richard White
Jared Whittemore
Andrew Willis
Mark Wolford
VADM Charles Wurster
Robert Yslas, Jr.
Alexander Zapata

(d) Deceased