The Chuck Smith Scoutmaster of the Year Award

In 1974 the San Diego Imperial County Council Boy Scouts of America and the San Diego Eagle Scout Alumni Association began awarding the Scoutmaster of the Year award in recognition of outstanding service.  This Award was renamed the Charles Lewis “Chuck” Smith Scoutmaster of the Year Award in 2003 after Chuck Smith.  Chuck was a Scouter who dedicated 70 Years to Scouting, of which 41 were in our council both as a member of the Executive Staff and as a volunteer.  In 2003, the ESAA board agreed to change the name to the Chuck Smith Scoutmaster of the Year award.

Each year the Eagle Scout Alumni Association accepts commendations for the Chuck Smith Scoutmaster of the Year Award between October 1 and January 15, 2016.  Each candidate must me a registered, seasoned Scoutmaster who exemplifies Scouting ideals of character and who has mentored a significant number of his/her Scouts in their advancement to the rank of Eagle.

Nominations open October 1 and close January 15 for the 2017 award.
Get the award application: PDF or MS Word.


2017Don Drzal319
2016Jimm Hoffmann681
2015Dr. Bryon Solberg301
2014Darrel Timan384
2013John McCutchen685
2012Ron Lawrence648
2011Lt. Col. Kirk Willie789
2010Thomas Andrews130
2009Robert Drew324
2008Dave Hendron709
2007Randy Seefeldt959
2006Art Carpenter709
2005Larry Ashbacher362
2004Eldon Jennings681
2003Steve Lerner752
2002Greg Deering355
2001Scott H. Bernet506
1990Roy Archer649
1989Donald Estes53
1985Wayne Lavaliere280
1984Keith C. Fink874
1983Donald E. Lindsley Sr304
1982Leo B. Clark673
1981Reginald G. Sauls IV
1980William E. Donovan748
1979George C. Thornburg950
1978David C. Woodward680
1977C. Robert Niderost208
1976William T. Olive930
1975Thomas P. Emery610
1974Hubert C. Watton920